Welcome to Rave Against The Machine Studio Podcast.

This podcast is hosted by Helen & Nick. Their studio is mainly the bus they live in with their beautiful children which is located somewhere (off-grid) in Australia..

The Rave Against The Machine podcast is self-funded and self-sponsored. The hosts businesses, an online store - Quantum Energy Healing, their market stall - The Shungite Shop and their South East Queensland EMF/EMR testing service - EMF.Report help support the family and this podcast. There will be Rave Against the Machine branded merchandise for sale shortly.

Discussions and interviews include topics and subjects such as:

Radiation EMF EMR 4G 5G
Vaccines & vaccine history
Informed Consent
Allopathic medicines
History? real / fake
Education / Learning
Air & atmosphere quality
Quantum healing systems
Food v 'Food'
Environmental toxins
Climate change
MSM v Peoples Voice
Geo-engineering & Chem-trailing
Flora and Fauna
Big Food v Local Food
Water Quality
Healing Frequencies Colour / Sound
Energy Electricity Lighting
Dental health
Ancient medicine
Wellness Modalities
Essential Oils & Flower Remedies

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